What is RSP?

The Relational Self Psychology Study Center (RSP Study Center) provides counselors and therapists with an innovative conceptual framework for developing and deepening clinical skills.

Our program combines:

  • self psychology
  • theory of intersubjective systems
  • current research on infancy and development
Classes focus on the reciprocal engagement of therapist and patient.  Students are encouraged to learn in an interactive setting with highly skilled instructors.

How Self Psychology and Intersubjective Systems Theory Enhance Practice

Since Heinz Kohut first advanced his theory of self psychology in 1971, it has revolutionized psychoanalytic theory and practice.  Some of Kohut's contributions are his emphasis on the centrality of empathy, the concept of the selfobject, and the selfobject transference.  In recent years, Kohut's followers have refined his ideas and introduced important innovations.  Intersubjective systems theory as developed by Robert Stolorow and his collaborators offers a perspective that highlights the interface of the subjective worlds of analyst and patient.

Therapists informed by relational self psychology view the therapy process as centrally involving the development of a trusting partnership between therapist and client.  This partnership is built upon deep emotional attunement and empathic responsiveness.